At church yesterday, my parents stood in front of the community and dedicated my sisters to God. It was such an incredibly special moment, and getting to be there to experience it brought me SO much joy. At the end of the dedication, Pastor James and the community prayed for us. It was such a unifying moment for my family. I realized how incredibly blessed I am to have such a great example of family, of marriage. I get to see first hand how my dad and Chloe love each other with Christ's love. Together, they exude the light of the Holy Spirit, allowing Him to bear His fruits and gifts in their lives. While they do have daily difficulties, as every human does, they handle it with so much grace. They are so committed to growing together, to spreading Jesus' love, to showing my sisters and I how to live for Jesus. 

After the service, I had the opportunity to be creative with them, to revive my love for photography with them. 

Here are some of my beautiful little family!