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I’m all about those small moments that define your story

Hey, I’m Madi! I am a California girl currently living in Pensacola, Florida for a creative missionary formation year, with frequent visits to the majestic land of England to be with my love, Alex!

It’s funny how falling in love can change everything. All of a sudden, I get it. I get how the ordinary is magical and fun with your best friend. Those seemingly small and in between moments are what I want to capture for you. Your evening walk through your neighborhood, cooking dinner with a glass of wine, pillow talk, laughs where you almost pee your pants, your favorite hike, a sunset adventure- because those are the real moments that mark your story.

I am a lover and celebrator of humanity. I value relationships, trust, and an experience over technically correct. Whether I am photographing a couple on their wedding day, or a mama entrepreneur creating jewelry with her kiddos running around, my intention is to create a relationship that cultivates your unique voice, because you are more than any image I’ll ever take. My dream is that when you see these photos, you see yourself the way the Father sees you, wholehearted, brave, and worthy of love. And yes, I’ll definitely cry during your dad’s father of the bride speech.

I want this experience to be more for you than some posed, seemingly perfect, fake version of yourself. I want to capture the moments that make you, you. So let’s get messy, let’s run through wide open fields, let’s climb a mountain, let’s adventure, let’s dream and create something beautiful together.

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Trust cultivates all sorts of good things

So let’s get to know one another! I’ll go first.

This is Alex. He’s my favorite adventure buddy, second shooter, joy bringer, and an incredible storyteller through videography. You can find us on FaceTime or on an airplane flying across the Atlantic Ocean. He’s from England if you didn’t catch that part and yes, Taylor Swift wrote London Boy about our relationship. If you need a videographer, he’s your man and if not, he’ll probably be my second shooter anyway. Double date anyone?


The smell of pine trees always brings me right back to summers camping in Yosemite with my family.

Joshua Tree is the best playground, climbing rocks bring me life (not legit rock climbing but the rogue kind where you see a big rock and try to find a way up lol), and if we are walking through the hills of England you will find me at one point or another laying in the grass freaking out because “It’s so prophetic!” while Alex keeps walking saying “she’ll be fine, she’s just having a moment.”

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Speaking of family…

I have two and they’re the best. My heart is split between Southern California and Texas (and London obviously)!

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Ready to dream?

When I was a 20 year old missionary in the North Georgia mountains, the Lord showed me a picture of a sunrise and I felt a Voice that said “this is the life I want to give you, a life of color, of adventure, of vibrancy, of beauty.” I promise you the same, for our adventure to be vibrant and colorful and for your photos to reflect your hearts, fully awake, untamed and open.