When I was 20 years old in the mountains of Georgia, I imagined the most beautiful sunrise and felt a Voice that said “This is the life I want to give you.”

“I want to give you a life of color, of adventure, of vibrancy, of beauty.” Every moment since then has been a fulfillment of that promise.


Exploring new places is what makes my heart beat fast, & photographing those raw, emotional, real love stuff moments is what I live for.


Connection and trust foster all sorts of good things around here.

Let’s focus on telling your story together



Home is where your story begins, and it is more than a place. It’s that feeling you get when you’re around a campfire with your best friends and you know you’re loved, it’s when you're in a scary new season of life when you know you’re secure, when you know you can be fully yourself. When you feel comfortable and at home in front of the camera (where we usually feel most self conscious!) we can capture images that truly express your most beautiful selves!



When you feel at home, i am able to capture you as you truly are. And who you truly are and who you were created to be, in all your beauty and love will radiate through the images. That’s my hope through this process.



I want to create something beautiful with you. Something wild and free, something adventurous, something radically beautiful, even in the ordinary. So let’s dream up something beautiful together!